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Jim Reeves: His Untold Story (*NEW* UPDATED EDITION; 672 pgs)

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Jim Reeves: His Untold Story (*NEW* UPDATED EDITION; 672 pgs)

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More stories and photos, EXPLOSIVE revelations!

Velvet-voiced Jim Reeves was not only one of the world's most popular recording stars, he was one of the most fascinating. Now, in this intimate and scrupulously well-researched 672-page biography, author Larry N. Jordan sets the record straight, dispelling rumors and misinformation that have swirled around Reeves for decades.

More than 13 years in the writing, this riveting bio is based on hundreds of interviews with the people who knew Jim best, as well as his personal diaries. Jordan's brisk, though richly detailed narrative style tells an engrossing story, taking you virtually day by day through Jim's life. There are many intriguing - even explosive - revelations here, in a portrait that is honest, though sometimes painful; poignant, yet full of good humor.

More than 150 rare (B&W and color) photos depict the private as well as public side of the unforgettable "Gentleman Jim." Country Music People magazine says "rarely can a book have been as eagerly anticipated as Larry Jordan's 'Jim Reeves: His Untold Story.'"

Billboard magazine praises it as a "balanced account" of Reeves' life, and says that Larry "doesn't put Jim on a pedestal." The judge of one prestigious award said the book is in the major leagues with books by Pulitzer prize-winning authors! 

Fans have compared it favorably with Peter Guralnick's two epic books on Elvis. Famed singer Anita Kerr wrote Jordan "I did have time to read your book and I enjoyed it. I think that someone had to finally tell the world about the real Jim Reeves. I hope that sales of the book are good!" 

Author Larry Jordan was interviewed for a BBC hour-long special said to have been heard by 12 million people, and has guested on other media interviews around the world, including in Canada, and on Sirius/XM satellite radio. 

Winner of a Hollywood Book Award and an Award for Excellence from the Association of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC).

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