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Going Hollywood: Midwesterners In Movieland (publication date Feb. 1, 2019) 312 pgs

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Going Hollywood: Midwesterners In Movieland (publication date Feb. 1, 2019) 312 pgs

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They led sometimes scandalous, oftentimes tragic, and completely fiery lives in the glitzy world of show business. Despite being from a region of the American Midwest, an area best known for its simple, wholesome values and salt of the earth folks, these twelve celebrities led complex, fast-track Hollywood lives of fame, fortune, glamour and excess.

From sexy stars like Jean Harlow, Jane Russell and Rock Hudson to venerated pros Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Jane Wyman, this engrossing book provides “the story behind the story” about what made these remarkable people tick. The book culminates with a profile of Hollywood’s first major—and most feared—gossip columnist, Illinois native Louella Parsons, who proved the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Going Hollywood: Midwesterners in Movieland is the first book of its kind to chronicle the lives of twelve Hollywood legends: In addition to those listed above, included are intimate looks at Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, Anne Baxter, Jean Seberg, Dorothy Dandridge, and Marilyn Maxwell, each from America’s Heartland.

Using rare archival and first-hand sources, author Sara Jordan-Heintz provides an inside look at how being from the Midwest influenced their lives, how they emerged on the Hollywood scene and what their legacies look like today, years after their deaths. 

Ms. Jordan-Heintz is also quoted in five other books by other big-league authors and is the 2018 winner of the Iowa Newspaper Assn. "Outstanding Young Iowa Journalist" award. An honors graduate of the prestigious University of Iowa, she holds degrees in American Studies and History.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS BOOK WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL FEBRUARY 1, 2019 but you may pre-order it now. To contact the author, email publicist Lisa Brown by clicking HERE.

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